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Welcome to Westlink Career Institute - Student Services

This page is designed to inform you about our Student Services at Westlink Career Institute. We refer to our counseling and case management services at Westlink as "Wrap Around Services" because they are designed to strengthen the scaffolding of the student while supporting longevity and life-long learning in their career orientations.

Student Services supports the Allied Health Training student in areas that enhance their personal, professional and academic growth. This combination serves to increase the likelihood of successful career placements.

Westlink supports self-directed learning, self-assessments, self-confidence, and empowers students through their own learning.

We support leadership development in our students by establishing Student Council. We prepare students to overcome "Situational Barriers" by training them in the context of their own value system.

We utilize Case Management Services at Westlink; and when necessary, we refer students to outside services that assist their overall well-being. Students learn to understand (in the context of their occupational training) the root of their emotions and the impact it has on their existing behavior as well as their developing behaviors.

We don't just want a job for our students, we want a health services career, that is why we prepare our students for the workplace with our Career Readiness Training. Our students have CASAS pre and post-test to measure the skills gained in their occupational training. We navigate the students' professional development through an Integrative Educational Employment Plan.

We monitor and address their barriers in order for them to progress into their career orientations We prepare them with "resume revision" to display their new credentials, "behavioral competence assessments" to support proficient behaviors. We also raise awareness of workplace practices that support longevity and financial integrity in their career placements.

We connect our students to resources within the community. We connect students to housing, transportation, behavioral health, therapeutic services. We work diligently in the community to establish resources to counteract the barriers to sustaining career placements for our students.


Westlink Visits the DC Caps Parade

Captain Blanks, Retired DCFD and DC Youth participate in the DC Caps Parade. Captain Blanks has been a Lead instructor with Westlink Career Institute for over 10 years.


Westlink Psycho-Motor Skills Instructor

Ms. Cummings has excellent techniques in training our students at Westlink in Psycho-motor skills. She makes her students comfortable enough to trust the instruction, yet she doesn't play! She will drill them consistently until they have reached the level of competence. Thank you, Ms. Cummings, Westlink Appreciates you!



Emergency Medical Services requires complete organization. Supplies must be ready and accessible to patients.

Westlink Career Institute's 2019-2020 UPO Class at their desk listening to a lecture. The course content requires complete attention and note-taking.

EMS Ambulatory Services require teamwork and diplomacy. It is crucial to work together as a unit, utilizing life-saving skills and training. Adam is a graduate of Westlink Career Institute

Our UPO Student Anne Newman is focusing on the cognitive lecture component of the EMS Occupational Training. She has developed excellent study skills.

Dr. Merriweather has a long history with Lifestar Response. She has trained hundreds of EMT's as they come on board. Westlink has referred many of our students for employment at Lifestar.

Ms. Cummings, our skills instructor has over 15 years of experience with Westlink Career Institute. The students adore her.



Alisa Berry, Executive Southern Maryland Hospital

Alisa Berry is an EMT and Paramedic, she is a graduate of Westlink. Ms. Berry is currently employed in the Executive Office at Southern Maryland Hospital. Alisa Berry works with the Board of Directors for Westlink Career Institute. We watch you progress Alisa, you make Westlink proud!


Recertification at Westlink

Many of our students also work in Hospitals and Emergency Rooms upon completion of their training. "Westlink keeps me current with my ACLS/BLS"
Advanced Cardiology Life Support and Basic Life Support We always have our students to return to keep their certifications current.


Westlink EKG/Phlebotomy Training

Westlink Career Institute not only trains EMTs, but we also offer a course in EKG/Phlebotomy. If you are interested in becoming an EKG Technician/Phlebotomist. Ask us about your training!


Fire/EMS Lieutenant Romilus Queen

Westlink Career Institute is fortunate to have Romilus Queen, native Washingtonian as one of our instructors. Romilus Queen was a student at Westlink Career Institute and was recruited by Arlington County Fire Department, where he has served for over 20 years. Mr. Queen's official title is Fire/EMS Lieutenant, ACFD.


Dr. Dasia Merriweather

Of course, we know the Program Director has unlimited duties and responsibilities. But Dr. Merriweather doesn't let that stop her from instructing her students! Her famous quote is "If you follow the road map we have set for you, you will arrive.”

Dr. Merriweather supports the Blended Learning Model (i.e., Cognitive Lecture, Psycho-motor Skills, and On-line Tutorials) at Wesltink.


Alumni Teachers and Public Speakers

Many of our Westlink Alumni are supportive in EMS education. We have students that continue to support Westlink in EMS instruction with respect to occupational training. We also have graduates like Maurice Craig above (2013 Westlink Alumni) who permit time to speak to new classes during orientation. Maurice has been employed with the DCFD since 2013.

Thank you Maurice! We appreciate you!


Anthony Sweeney is a Westlink Alumni (2013). Sweeney furthered his emergency medical services training by obtaining his Paramedic Certification. Sweeney gained much of his experience with Baltimore City Fire Department. We are proud of you Sweeney!

Goodson Odige, Westlink Alumni (2015), received his National Registry in January 2015 and has been working as an EMT since graduating. Odige started initially with Lifestar and now he is working for American Medical Response (AMR). We see you Odige, keep up the good work!

Nearly 200 emergency medical services (EMS) professionals serving our Nation’s Capital have won their union election to join AFSCME District Council 20. Mosiah Grayton, Westlink Alumni (2015) says "she began her career in EMS because she was passionate about helping people...she decided to unite with her co-workers because proper scheduling would allow her to be able to continue her education"

Simon Yiare is a graduate of Westlink Alumni (2014). He obtained his National Registry EMT certification and credentialing. Simon Yiare also has his certification as a Respiratory Therapist, having worked for the University of Maryland, Charles Regional Medical Center (UM-CRMC). When Simon makes a goal and a’s a done deal. Simon, you make us proud!

Did you know that Westlink Career Institute was featured in a magazine article at EMS World? The article was written by one of Westlink Career Institute's students.

We encourage our students to join professional EMS organizations and keep up to date with their research in the Emergency Medical Services arena.


Daniel Taylor is a graduate of Westlink Career Institute. This is a picture of him at the DCFD recruiting school, which he recently graduated. Daniel Taylor is now employed with the District of Columbia Fire Department (DCFD). Taylor set goals and never looked back!

We are as proud as we can be! You made it!

All students must be familiar with their emergency services supplies and equipment. In the EMS field, you must replenish your supplies after each run. Having organization and personal hygiene as EMS personnel is a mandatory requirement. Even in practice scenarios, students practice excellent hygiene.

Our students work extremely hard to master the skills training. By the end of the course, students will be tested to see if they are competent in their psycho-motor skills training. Department of Health (DOH) proctors the skills exam. Westlink Career Institute has a 95% first-time pass rate on our skills examination.

All EMT students upon graduating successfully have 30-Days to pass the National Registry examination. Before they take the exam, they must complete the pre-requisite requirements (Pass Psycho-motor Test, EMS Testing (Green), FISDAP Exam, Oral Exam by Panel). These are all indicators of how prepared one is to take the National Registry EMT exam.

Did you know that Westlink Career Institute facilitates CPR training and Certifications, approved by the American Heart Association (AHA)? If you are interested in becoming CPR certified or re-certification of your CPR, please contact us at (202) 529-5465. Or e-mail us at We look forward to serving your CPR certification needs.

Did you know that Westlink Career Institute has been engaged in the training of EMS since 1992? Westlink Career Institute has proudly trained and employed well over 400 hundred Allied Health training students in EMT-Basic, EMT-Advanced, and Phlebotomy/EKG. Would you like to be counted in our new emerging numbers! Call us today (202) 529-5465



Aldo Rojas Westlink Alumni Class of 2006

"I have worked odd jobs for years and came to a realization that I’m always going to be looking for work until I actually get myself a career in something I enjoy. Read More


Joe Lisa Jackson Westlink Alumni Class of 2011

"It's going great! I just want to say Thank You Westlink! My career as an EMT started when I completed the EMT Course at Westlink and became Nationally Credentialed. Read More


Shakita Crawford Westlink Alumni Class of 2012

"Thanks to the Dean of Westlink, Dr. Merriweather for my Acceptance Letter in 2012, I completed my course for EMT and obtained my NREMT December 31, 2012. Read More